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DWD Longhorns cattle are registered with Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Registry.  These animals are visually inspected, and DNA tested showing no evidence of impurity.  They represent the cattle that evolved in the wild of this country over 300 years from the time they strayed from Spanish missions and Conquistador encampments beginning in the 1500's up to the time of domestication of the legendary Trail Drives following the War Between the States in 1865.  This historic phenotype strain of cattle has been declared Critically Endangered by the Livestock Conservancy.  We are doing our part to preserve these animals by creating a market for their genetics including marketing Grassfed Texas Longhorn beef.

These gentle, intelligent animals are available for viewing, photographing and painting.  Tours of the herd may be requested by guests of the cabin.  Our side-by-side Polaris can carry four guests.  If you would like to learn how you can help preserve these iconic animals, please visit Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Conservancy.  The year 2021 is the 500th Anniversary of Cattle Coming to the Americas!